Policy and Research

Peter Colley

Unions are major stakeholders in the Australian community and are expected to have views, and provide input, on a wide range of issues.

Peter Colley, National Research Director

The wages and working conditions of members are always bread-and-butter union business, but we have broad concerns about the development of Australia's industries, regional development, social justice, the environment (and especially global warming), international trade, skills and training - the list goes on.

This section of our website contains a wide variety of documents presenting the union’s views on the wide variety of subjects we are expected to have a view on – and some that we aren’t!

The documents take the form of:

  • briefing papers for particular campaigns or issues
  • prepared public speeches and presentations
  • submissions to government inquiries
  • conference papers

Most policy and research documents the union produces are suitable for putting on the public record via this website, but some are not. There is no attempt to present this section of the website as a comprehensive collection of all union policy and research. Some documents do go “out of date” relatively quickly – facts change over time and so do views. So take note that what we said a few years ago may not be the union’s view today!

Climate Change

Mining Resources Tax

Industry, Economy, Infrastructure, etc