Elections 2016


South Western District

South Western District - Board of Management & Relief Check Inspector

Victorian District

Victorian District - Board of Management - Lodge Representative - Stawell Gold Mine Lodge President

2016 General Elections

The declaration of the 2016 General Elections can be downloaded here.

Central Council Resolution

This resolution applies to District and National elections conducted by the CFMEU Mining & Energy Division National Returning Officer, not to District Elections conducted by the AEC in the Victorian and Queensland Districts.

On 14 March 2016, the Central Council of the Mining and Energy Division of the CFMEU passed a resolution that candidates in the upcoming quadrennial elections will be entitled to lodge a Candidate’s Statement with the National Legal Director to be distributed to members who are entitled to vote for that candidate. 

The resolution will become binding on the Division if it is endorsed by members of Lodges in accordance with rule 8 of the Divisional rules.

Should the resolution become binding, members are advised that according to the resolution passed by Central Council, the Candidate’s Statement must not exceed one A4 single sided page and may include one photo of the candidate.  The statement must not:

(a) use offensive language;
(b) be defamatory;
(c) be false or misleading;
(d) be scandalous;
(e) be discriminatory;
(f) be likely to lead to an irregularity in the election; or
(g) otherwise not comply with the rules of the union, the resolution or the law.

The Candidate’s Statement must be provided to the National Legal Director no later than 5pm 31 August 2016 and should be sent to:

A copy of the resolution of Central Council can be downloaded here.

CFMEU Mining & Energy Rule Book