The Mining & Energy Division has a district structure covering most of Australia. The districts are:

Northern Mining & NSW Energy District

On 8 August 2013 the Northern District amalgamated with the NSW Energy District to form the Northern Mining & NSW Energy District.

Northern Mining historically covers the coalfields north of Sydney, through to the central coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Gunnedah Basin and extending to the Queensland District border.

NSW Energy has members in power stations, oil refineries and chemical plants in NSW.

NSW South Western District

The South Western District covers coal and metalliferous mines and cokeworks in the NSW south coast/Wollongong region, the Burragorang Valley near Camden, the Blue Mountains and the far west of NSW including Broken Hill.

Queensland District

The Queensland District draws its members mainly from the Bowen Basin (Collinsville in the North to Moura in the South), West Moreton (Ipswich and Rosewood), Surat Basin (Darling Downs) Coal Fields, Coal Ports and Power generation.

South Australia

In South Australia members are primarily coal mineworkers at the Leigh Creek coal mine, metalliferous mineworkers and in iron ore operations and have been absorbed into the Construction Division's South Australian Branch.

Tasmanian District

Represents coal and metalliferous mines in Tasmania.

Victorian District

The Victorian District represents workers in metaliferrous mines and Victoria's power generation industry, including gas, hydro & coal-fired power stations and brown coal and gold mines.

Western Australian District

The Western Australian District has sections covering coal mineworkers at Collie, and metalliferous mineworkers in the north of the State.