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Created Wed 22/02/2017, Last Updated Wed 22/02/2017

Supporting our Youth with CFMEU Mineworkers Trust Scholarships

Our Union – through its Lodges and Districts – donates millions of dollars every year to support vital community organisations and services. Among the most sought after are the annual Mine Workers Trust tertiary scholarships that have helped put hundreds of young students from mining and energy families through Universities and other Higher Education institutions over the years.

This year’s applications for 20 tertiary scholarships worth $6,250 each closed recently with some 117 submissions. The scholarships are open to CFMEU Mining and Energy workers, their families or dependents from all over Australia.

The submissions will now be independently assessed by Dr Greg Patmore from the University of Sydney who describes his task as “always a difficult one with so many outstanding applications from all over Australia.

“While there has to be a limit on the amount selected, we can only pick what’s judged as the best and unfortunately many talented students have to miss out. But for those chosen, the Mine Workers Trust scholarships are an important contribution to students going on to fulfilling and valuable professions”, he said.

One of the most important considerations in addition to the academic record of each applicant, is the students outlining in their own words: “The benefits derived by mining and energy workers and/or their communities by the completion of the course”.

Our Union’s General Secretary and Mine Workers Trust Chairman Andrew Vickers said: “Over the years, many of those who received scholarships have kept directly in touch with the CFMEU to advise us of their progress. I’m delighted to say that our mining and regional communities have benefited from the knowledge and qualifications many successful students have put back.

“We’re a Union that believes in the future of our members and their families. We are prepared to invest in that by backing our youth with good quality educational opportunities that our scholarships present. We are very proud of the young men and women who have benefited from the Mine Workers Trust scholarships and have contributed back to our communities”, said Andrew Vickers.