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Blood on the Coal


Price including postage & GST:
$25 with postage and packaging
Contact the Brisbane Office: 07 38398588

The Queensland Miners' Story - narrated by Jack Thompson
Traces the history of the Queensland miners and their union from the darkest days of the 19th century to today.

Contact the Brisbane Office directly on 07 38398588

Storm and Tempest

The third volume of Alan Murray's narrative history of our union, which covers the years 2000-2015.

Previous volumes are (1) Holding the Line and (2) On the Edge.

Hard cover, 468pp, photographs


Price, including postage & GST:

$20.00 current and retired members
$30.00 general public

The third volume of Alan Murray's narrative history of the Coal Miners Union

On The Edge

On the Edge

Price: $25.00 incl postage

A narrative history of Australian coal miners and their union in the 1990s, by Alan Murray.

Volume 2 of a 3 volume history. Volume 1 -  Holding the Line, Volume 3 - Storm and Tempest

Hardback, 319pp, photos

Holding the Line
Holding the Line

Price: $25.00 incl postage

A narrative history of Australian coal  miners and their union in the 1980s.
Volume 1 - followed by Volume 2 (On the Edge) and Volume 3 (Storm and Tempest)

By coal mining historian Alan Murray.

Hardcover; 370pp; photographs.

Coal Man

Coal Man

Price: $28.50 incl postage

Note: To purchase this book you need to contact Jack Wilcox directly.

PO Box 465, Maleny, Qld 4552


Jack Wilcox captures marvellous insights into Australian life as he was growing up in the 40s and 50s and examines the challenges he faced as the Chairman of the Joint Coal Board - a fascinating period in the history of the coal industry in this country.

Paperback, 196pp, photos and index

Good Faith Bargaining

good faith bargaining

Price: Only available from Federation Press

This book, written by two members of our legal team, was originally published by the CFMEU in 2011 and quickly sold out.

The book has been revised and updated and includes a new chapter on the Qantas dispute and the availability of arbitration of bargaining disputes under the Fair Work Act.

Federation Press has published the second edition of this book.

Buy the book directly from Federation Press.

Please note, CFMEU is not handling sales.

Last Stand at Nymboida
Last Stand at Nymboida

Price: $25.00 incl postage

The film of the story of the historic work-in and take-over of the Nymboida Colliery in NSW by 30 underground mineworkers who refused to accept the sack back in 1975.

DVD 56 mins.

The Coal Mines the Workers Ran
The Coal Mines the Workers Ran

Price: $10.00 incl postage

From Nymboida to United: a remarkable chapter in Australia’s industrial history.
By Pete Thomas and Paddy Gorman.

Paperback; 143pp; Photographs.

At the Coalface
At the Coalface

Price: $30.00 incl postage

The human face of coal miners and their communities: an oral history of the early days.

Hardcover; 185pp. Handsomely produced and illustrated with many historic photographs.

The Coalminers of Queensland Vol. 2
The Coalminers of Queensland

Price: $55.00 incl postage

Greg Mallory has brought together 8 essays by the late, great Pete Thomas. They describe the working and living conditions of coalminers and their families in central Queensland from the early 1960s to the mid 1980s.

Hardcover; 473pp; photographs.


Price: $35.00 incl postage

Jim Comerford’s eyewitness account of Australia’s most violent industrial conflict – the Northern NSW Coal Lockout of 1929.
Hardcover; 536pp; photographs.

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