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Created Tue 24/07/2012, Last Updated Tue 24/07/2012

Rio Tinto voted worst company linked to Olympics

Rio Tinto was awarded the gold medal on Friday 20 July in London, after being voted the worst company linked to the London Olympics.

IndustriALL Global Union joined thousands of activists around the world to vote for Rio Tinto as the worst company linked to the London Olympics in the Greenwash awards, as the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) awarded certification to Rio Tinto on 13 July, attesting to the company’s highest ethical, social, and environmental standards.

In a mock awards ceremony held in Trafalgar Square, IndustriALL joined the London Mining Network and other NGOs, demonstrating the damaging behaviour of Rio Tinto around the world on its workers’ rights, local communities, and the environment. An Olympic-style medals podium was erected with Rio Tinto, followed in second place by BP, and third Dow Chemicals. Green slime was poured over the heads of those symbolically receiving the awards for the companies.

However the demonstration ended in catastrophe as London’s police came and arrested six people they thought to be the event organizers. Ironically, the arrests were made as the demonstrators were wiping up the custard. The basis of the arrests was “criminal damage” caused by the custard on Trafalgar Square, but it had all been completely cleaned before the 25 police officers left with the six arrested demonstrators.

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