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Created Fri 29/06/2012, Last Updated Fri 29/06/2012

Rio Tinto in Africa - IndustriALL targets mining giant

IndustriALL Global Union announced its intention to shine a light on Rio Tinto’s unethical behavior around the world, starting with the release of a report on the company’s operations in Africa.

Speaking to journalists at the Foreign Press Association in London today, 26 June 2012, the newly elected General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union Jyrki Raina said, “Rio Tinto’s operations in Africa are a story of displaced communities, broken promises, cozy arrangements with local dictators and the oppression of union involvement.”

The struggles that workers and communities face in South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Mozambique and Cameroon are documented in the report, Rio Tinto in Africa: Global citizen or corporate shame?, released by IndustriALL.

“Our new global union is launching our first global campaign in the mining industry, and we will be targeting one of the world’s biggest miners – Rio Tinto,” said Raina.

Rio Tinto earns $15 billion per year. Too much of Rio Tinto’s profits are built on a record of environmental damage, exploitative labour practices and human rights abuses,” he said.

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