Workers' representatives in health & safety arrangements in Qld coal mines

Coal mining is a dangerous industry which demands a strong emphasis on ensuring the protection of miners' health, safety and well being. This study investigates the role and effectiveness of health & safety reps in Queensland Coal Mines and was undertaken by the Cardiff Work Environment Research Centre at Cardiff University in Wales, UK.

The aim of the study is to contribute further knowledge of the effectiveness of the role of worker reps in managing those risks.

Early mining disasters resulting in the deaths of many mineworkers highlighted the need for unions to take a proactive role in ensuring their own safety. Originally known as check inspectors, they were first appointed by unions in the Hunter Valley in the 1870s, and in Queensland they gained statutory recognition in 1915.

The study, which can be downloaded as the full report or in summary form, is specifically focused on the experience of representative participation in Queensland coal mines.

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