Storm season coming - Get ready!

This safety bulletin issued by the Queensland Dept of Natural Resources and Mines provides advice about preparation the coming wet season.

"The storms, floods, operational mine stoppages and disruptions of the past few years should serve as a warning to be prepared: both on and off site. This bulletin is a re-issue of the timely warnings published in December 2011(Safety Bulletin 114) and in November 2012 (Safety Bulletin 126).

The recent storm seasons have demonstrated tragically that not being prepared can put lives at risk and disrupt mine operations for months afterwards. Mine operators, site senior executives, contractors and service providers, and all mineworkers should consider the hazards created by severe-weather events, and resulting disruptions while attempting to restore operations. These problems are not restricted to the site but apply also to nearby communities and district

Download the bulletin to read the checklists which will help you prepare for and recover from whatever this summer's wet season may bring.