Delegate Training

Mick Weise

Lodge delegates are the cornerstone of the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division, and we are committed to delivering training to support effective delegate participation.

Michael Weise, Training Co-ordinator

Solid delegate structures at every site are an essential component in ensuring that our members' health, safety, pay and conditions are maintained at the highest level.

The Union provides training to suit the needs of our delegates at all levels through a number of structured training packages. The training provided is site and issue specific and will enable our delegates to successfully deal with all site situations ensuring that our members' interests are served to the highest standards of any trade union in Australia.

Currently your Union provides

  1. One day introductory training for all new delegates covering roles and responsibilities, communication, Union structure etc.
  2. Two day comprehensive training for delegates covering important subjects such as Legislation, Communication Skills, Dispute Resolution, Campaigning.
  3. Tertiary qualifications that are available for successful applicants.
  4. A wide range of OH & S training is available through your District.

Need more info?

To contact Michael Weise for more information on course content, send a message to the National Office with "training" in the subject line, and let him know whereabouts you are located.