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I work for the Union and we try to do our best for our members. There are staff in all our District offices to help you.

Courtney, National Office

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A union’s greatest strength is always its members and there is no better service to members than the mutual support offered by fellow members.

Through pooling the resources of members, both financially and industrially, the CFMEU is able to provide a wide range of services to its diverse membership, for instance:


Industrial Assistance

Wages and conditions - protection and negotiation
Maintenance and updating of Awards and Industrial Agreements
Employment Security and Redundancy Protection
Protection of Industrial Rights

Occupational Health & Safety

Full-time regionally based inspectors
Representative Training and Advice
On the job support
Negotiation support

Research and Legal

In-house legal staff for Commission and Court work in defence of the membership
Professional economic research service for collective bargaining activities
Lobbying and advocacy support with respect to the environment, trade, investment, superannuation, government and business liaison

Union Training

Training for Delegates/Lodge Officers /members in....
Labour movement history &structure
Industrial Relations
Organisational Skills
Negotiation & Consultation

Purchasing & Finance

Discount Home loans
Discount Buying


Contact your District for more information!