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Created Wed 15/02/2017, Last Updated Wed 15/02/2017

CFMEU delivers another major victory against casualisation

In another major breakthrough for casual labour hire contract coal mineworkers, our Union has won significant pay and entitlement benefits for SCM workers at South 32’s Appin Colliery. It consolidates new benchmark standards set by the Delta workers in their recent breakthrough there against casualisation.

NSW South/West Vice-President Bob Timbs said that after a hard fought 10-week campaign that saw them out the gate for 3-weeks on protected action, some 50 SCM contract labour hire workers have won major pay increases along with big improvements in other entitlements, including job security.

“The SCM workers are now back on the job with the in-principle agreement awaiting some tidying up before going to a vote”, said Bob Timbs.

“The pay increases are at least as good as those the Delta workers won ranging between $10,000-$24,000 per year and a big boost in their bonus. The other gains in entitlements and conditions are also comparable to the new benchmark Delta deal.

“We are especially pleased with the gains against casualisation in favour of security of employment. At least one-third of the SCM employees will now move from casuals to permanent employment.  Further, there will no longer be any provision for forced casualisation – all other employees can opt for a fixed 2-year permanent term”.

Bob Timbs said that the SCM workers deserved great credit for having the guts to fight.

“They have fought bloody hard to secure these gains. It has not been easy for these miners and their families but our Union has backed them all the way and we are delighted that their will to fight for a Fair Go has been realised. They deserve nothing less”, he said.

This battle against casualisation at South 32’s Appin Colliery not only sets new standards in the NSW South West District. The gains can become the benchmark for the thousands of other vulnerable casual workers being ruthlessly exploited by labour hire and contracting companies who, in turn, are being screwed by the big mining companies that control Australia’s coal industry.

It shows what determined and united action by workers backed by a strong militant Union like our CFMEU can achieve together.