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Created Tue 28/02/2017, Last Updated Tue 28/02/2017

Capricornia MP Michelle Landry fails to act as 70 Foxleigh coal miners are made redundant

Today the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division slammed Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry for her inaction on promoting secure jobs in her electorate, following the announcement that 70 local permanent workers at the Foxleigh coal mine will be made forcibly redundant by operators Middlemount South, POSCO and Nippon Steel.

CFMEU M&E Queensland District Senior Vice-President Mitch Hughes said local politicians need to do more to stand up for the families who voted them in to represent their interests.

“Despite having advocated a ‘Jobs and Growth’ agenda in the lead up to election, local MP Michelle Landry MP is asleep at the wheel while secure local jobs are being lost around her,” said Mr Hughes.

“These are local, steady jobs of Queensland workers with families in the community of Capricornia; workers who have contributed years of loyal service and added millions of dollars to the company’s bottom line.

“When will politicians stand up against mining giants who continue to be allowed to seek further profits at the expense of the local workforce, and in spite of impacts to the local economy?” said Mr Hughes.

The union’s District Vice-President Chris Brodsky, said workers on the ground have already started to feel the effects of uncertainty at home: “As Foxleigh coal mine considers how they will slash 70 local jobs for profit, local families have been left wondering how they will be able to make ends meet.”

“Local workers deserve permanent jobs, not the uncertainty of being sacked or forced into a contracting role with fewer protections. This is yet another attack on workplace rights and a blow for workers, their families and the entire community – Ms Landry must do more to protect these workers,” Mr Brodsky.

Mr Hughes said this is the latest episode in the increasing casualisation in the mining sector, and more needs to be done to protect the thousands of workers across the state.

“We have seen a shift in the mining industry to an increasingly hostile workforce where workers are living week to week with no certainty over their future. This casualisation of the sector has a devastating effect on workers, their families and the local economy,” Mr Hughes.

“It is shameful this company is continuing to pick off workers and seeking to replace them with vulnerable outside labour hire employees in insecure jobs.

“The company is lining their pockets with profits on the back of local jobs. Their profit strategy is to cut costs by forcing permanent employees onto contracts that pay lower wages and sacrifice entitlements such as sick leave, annual leave or adequate superannuation, and without basic protections.

“We call on Ms Landry to deliver on her election promise and fight for secure, local jobs,” said Mr Hughes.

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