Created Tue 7/02/2017, Last Updated Tue 7/02/2017

Breakthrough as our CFMEU delivers new deal for labour hire mineworkers

In a major breakthrough for vulnerable mineworkers employed by labour hire contractors, our Union has won major pay and entitlement benefits for Delta workers at South 32’s Appin mine and set new benchmark standards.

NSW South/West Vice-President Bob Timbs said that the striking Delta coal mineworkers are back on the job after winning pay rises ranging between $10,000-$24,000 per year as well as improved job security and other entitlements such as a better Accident Pay clause to be paid at a rate as at work.

The Union said that although the new agreement didn’t achieve everything we wanted, it contains significant gains that clawed back the substantial losses inflicted on labour hire workers over the recent years.

“The solidarity and determination of the Delta workers has paid off with our Union negotiating a 14.5% increase in their hourly rate, a 23% increase in bonus and a casual conversion clause that allows all employees to move to permanent employment after 12-months”, said Bob Timbs.

Already, the breakthrough at Delta is setting a precedent for other labour hire employees and improved wages, conditions and job security provisions will flow through.

Bob Timbs described the new Delta labour hire enterprise agreement as “up there with the best”.

“It is a fair reward for those workers who have been fighting hard since well before Christmas to win a Fair Go. They marched in the street and took strike action. They had the guts and determination to see it through.

“They have set a new benchmark that many others will benefit from. They have shown what you can achieve by taking a stand and backing it up with action with the Union beside you all the way. They deserve great credit”, said Bob Timbs.