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Created Sat 27/06/2015, Last Updated Sat 27/06/2015

Camp or community: give mineworkers a choice

Mineworkers are being forced to live in restrictive camp accommodation with no minimum standards around food, communications, cleanliness and fatigue management.

The CFMEU is urging the Federal Government to use its tax white paper to review tax arrangements that benefit mining companies building temporary camp accommodation rather than investing in housing or allowing workers to live with family or rent in local communities.

Created Wed 24/06/2015, Last Updated Wed 24/06/2015

Centenary Exhibition


Watch Andrew Vickers' promotion on Youtube

Created Thu 18/06/2015, Last Updated Fri 19/06/2015

Memorial Celebration for Jack Cambourn


The CFMEU will host a Memorial Celebration honouring the life of the late Jack Cambourn, the visionary former FEDFA General Secretary who helped pioneer the Union we are today.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the man who was loved and respected for his lifelong commitment to the working class struggle, his leadership and his compassion.